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  • Yoga trial without resolution — May 23, 2013
    The trial of Sedlock v Baird continued Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, and will go on hiatus until June, as reported by the UT San Diego. Attorneys from both sides of the case wish to call in more witnesses before making their closing arguments. The trial is scheduled to resume June 24...
  • Questioning the definition of “religion” as the trial begins — May 21, 2013
    Yesterday, the trial began in Encinitas, Calif. where two parents are challenging a yoga program in schools. The judge initiated the debate by asking, “what is religion?,” as reported by U-T San Diego...
  • Yoga Alliance helps defend yoga in schools — May 16, 2013
    On Monday, the case of Sedlock v. Baird is scheduled to go to trial. Parents of a child in Encinitas, Calif. are challenging the Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) on the accusation that yoga sessions taught in school violate religious freedom...



Announcements from Yoga Alliance

  • Introducing the New RYT Profile Page — August 5, 2013
    As we suggested in our last communication about the big changes we’re making at Yoga Alliance, we are working hard to overhaul our website and build a better Directory to help you promote yourself and your unique story as a yoga teacher. The website will also vastly simplify the registration and upgrade process...
  • The Next Generation of Yoga Alliance — July 1, 2013
    In the past couple of months, we’ve reached out to our membership to let you know that we’re embarking on a process of change and renewal at Yoga Alliance. We have asked for your participation and input, and we are consistently gratified by the volume and thoughtfulness of the feedback we receive...










  • Off the Mat, Into the World™ and Yoga Alliance join forces — June 13, 2013
    We are excited to share an exciting new collaboration between Yoga Alliance and Off the Mat, Into the World™ (OTM). As a part of our Local Community Initiative, OTM will provide extensive tools, training and support for Yoga Alliance members who want to create community groups of yoga teachers, school directors and studio owners...





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